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I did not manage to find a solution for following problems:

A) Loading of further petitions on the page´s end

Where can I set that on a petition page or on the homepage (please look at the screenshots for B) below NOT always more petitions are loaded?

B) Regarding the attached screenshots:

How can I ensure that only ONE specific petition, i.e. the first one “Grantt Clemens to Alice Marie Johnson …” is displayed and that no other petition is loaded and displayed afterwards. Only ONE certain petition without the line above with Feed, Trending and Recent?

Unfortunately I have not found out how to disable CATEGORIES on the right side of the homepage (please look at  screenshot)!?
Will I have to disable the category menue there?

Current output:

It should look like this:

Thanks in advance!

Long Ha Answered question November 10, 2020

You can set home tab default for Recent https://tppr.me/Suqlg

The use CSS in children theme to hide that.

Add CSS to wp-content/themes/campoal-child/style.css
#sign-category, #petition-tab {
display: none !important;

Long Ha Posted new comment November 12, 2020

If I understand this correctly, this makes the first line with Featured, Trending and Recent disappear, but nevertheless further petition are being loaded when scrolling down.

Is it not possible to disable the reloading of petition cards while scrolling down?

Thanks and regards


is there a possibility to configure that scrolling down the page does not result in loading more petition cards when I am only interested in presenting ONE certain petition there?

Thanks and kind regards

You can add this CSS to children theme https://tppr.me/oinIS

.newsfeed #load-more {
display: none !important;

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