I have encountered an issue while editing petitions and fundraising campaigns on your WordPress site. When users edit their campaigns, all campaigns automatically get set to a “published” status, even if the campaign is awaiting approval.

For instance, I, as a user, created a fundraising campaign using the form at /create-a-project/. The campaign was created and is awaiting moderation (the form has a “pending” status). However, when I edit the campaign and save it, the newly unapproved campaign changes its status to “publish” and immediately appears on the website.

I located the form file at /wp-content/themes/campoal/templates/dashboard/submit-contribute.php but did not find any function there that prepares the data array for updating. I believe there needs to be an addition to ensure that the updated form receives a “pending” status.

Could you please assist me in resolving this issue? Specifically, I need guidance on where to find the function responsible for this so that I can make the necessary adjustments.

mundus.telluris Asked question February 5, 2024

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