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Under DESIGN -> Menus you cannot directly select a specific petition and link it to a menu item. In Joomla probably a menu type link “Direct Petition” or similar would be offered here for a Petiiton extension.

So I wonder, how for example on Campoal.com
the menu link

was created for the menu item PAGES -> “Single Page”?

Under DESIGN-Menues Add Menue item “Single Page” obviously does not appear at all.

Did you link

via “individual links” in the menu under PAGES?

Thanks in advance

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On Appearance > Menu, click on Screen Option position on top right of your screen. Then check to Petitions checkbox https://tppr.me/SGcW7

Now you can Search petition and add to menu on Add menu items section https://tppr.me/KIsyl

You also add a custom link to done that https://tppr.me/vBMgS

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I had not seen the option “ScreenOptions” at all!
Thanks a lot, that was exactly what I was looking for!

Kind regards

It’s display below your profile name https://tppr.me/ecqvK

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