Start your own Petition and Fundraising website.

We help you create your petition and fundraising platform on WordPress in just a few minutes. This tool allows you to start movements, gather support, and raise funds to make your country better.

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Demo – Gutenberg

Campoal is compatible with Gutenberg – a block-based page builder that helps you easy to design and pagespeed optimization

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Demo – WP Bakery

Campoal is also compatible with WPBakery a page builder that has been around for a long time and is familiar to most users.

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Settings Panel Demo

Over two hundred options available for test.

Username: demo
Password: demo

Why use Campoal?

Campoal saves you thousands of work hours when creating an online petition website. Discover why it’s the ultimate petition platform solution.

High Performance

Development for latest version of WordPress with modern stacks to optimized speed.

Easy Configuration

Build and customize made easy with hundreds of options. No coding skill required!

Professional Design

The user experience is deeply researched for its design that is easy to use for everyone.

How It Works?

Campoal is the most completed petition platform WordPress theme, allowing anyone to initiate a petition by answering just three questions. Easily share your petition on Facebook and Twitter to rally supporters, and then engage with decision-makers to drive the solutions you desire for change.

Plug and Play. Forget coding.

Campoal has been meticulously developed over five years, with features meticulously crafted and refined to achieve the utmost perfection. Explore its robust built-in core features.

Create a Petition

We’ve designed the campaign submission page to make it super easy for anyone to start their petitions in four simple steps. It comes with handy features like a search box to find decision-makers, Google Place Autocomplete for location info, easy drag-and-drop file uploads, and smooth video embedding.

Plus, petition starters can set goals for how many signatures they want and pick topics to share with the community.

  • Choose the goal & category
  • Search decision makers
  • Set location for campaign

Sign the Petition

Supporting the petition is easy. You just need to give a reason and click ‘sign.’ You can choose to show your name or keep it anonymous, and you can decide if you want to get email updates.

After you’ve signed, a pop-up will appear, suggesting you share the campaign and maybe even donate to help the campaign owner. At the same time, you’ll get an email confirming your signature to say thank you for your support.

  • Share on Facebook instantly
  • Display name or sign as anonymouse
  • Receive new update from campaign owner

Fundraising & Donate

Those running campaigns can set up ways to collect donations from their supporters. When the campaign ends, they can ask to take out the money they’ve collected. They can choose to get it through PayPal, Payoneer, a bank transfer, or even cryptocurrency.

Supporters can give money to campaigns using Payment Gateways like Stripe, Paypal,, Paytm, 2Checkout, and others, which are made easy with the help of Give Add-Ons.

  • Custom amount donation
  • Hundreds payment gateways
  • Know who has donated

Statistics Dashboard

The campaign owner can keep a close eye on how the petition is doing with detailed tracking options. You can see how it’s progressing weekly, monthly, and yearly. This data doesn’t just tell you how many people signed – it also gives you more info about who’s supporting your cause.

Using this tracking system, you can learn more about your supporters, like their gender, where they’re from, and their age. This helps you get to know your audience better, so you can reach out to them in the best way and come up with effective ways to get more support and engagement.

  • Supporters statistics
  • Vistors and views statistics
  • Countries and gender statistics


When you log in, you’ll be taken straight to the newsfeed on the homepage. Here, you’ll see a constantly changing display of campaigns from other users and topics you’re interested in.

Trending Campaigns

We’ve created a smart system that organizes campaigns based on how many people support them within a timeframe you choose. You can set this timeframe in a user-friendly control panel. Then, the system will show you the most popular campaigns, sorted by the number of supporters, on a daily basis.

  • Sort by popular in week
  • Shows the most popular campaigns
  • Better way to reach supporters

Campaign Update

Campaign owners can share the latest articles about how their campaign is going. These articles can include updates, reaching campaign goals, celebrating supporter achievements, and sharing important news, all customized for their loyal supporters.

  • Petition update
  • Feature on Press
  • Decision maker response

Decision Maker

Top-level government or company officials have the option to switch to a ‘Decision Maker’ account type, which allows them to publicly respond to petitions directly, addressing both campaign owners and supporters.

  • Legislator account
  • Respond to petition
  • Set title and organization

Identity Verification

To ensure that a decision maker’s account is genuine and not impersonated, we’ve incorporated an identity verification feature. Decision makers can use this feature to upload a personal document like their National ID, Driver’s License, or passport, and also take a photo of their face. This information will then be reviewed and approved by the platform administrator, confirming the authenticity of the legislator’s account.

  • Upload identity documents
  • Easy to take the user’s face photo
  • Administrator can approve document

Export Signatures.

The person in charge of the petition can download the list of supporters’ signatures as either a CSV or PDF file. They can then use this file to submit the signatures to the decision-makers.


User Dashboard.

Through the dashboard, they can easily handle their campaigns, keep track of the topics they’re interested in, see the petitions they’ve supported, manage their contributions and the transactions of supporters for campaigns. They can also update their financial details and request to withdraw funds.

Built-in features

Some features in User’s Dashboard

  • Manage campaigns
  • Manage fundraising
  • Manage donation
  • Track transaction
  • Financial settings
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Author’s Team

Campaign owners can designate a team member as a campaign moderator using their username or email. This gives more people the authority to manage the campaign, post updates, and download signatures, all from the dashboard.

  • Add new member by email
  • Team member collaboration
  • Control petition by team

Embed Widget

Widgets enable journalists and bloggers to easily insert a petition card or share button of campaign into their posts using an iframe tag or HTML code. This makes it simple to share campaigns through journalism.

  • Embed petition to other site
  • Simple embed code
  • Beautiful Design

Membership Certificate

When a user donates to campaigns and reaches a certain minimum donation amount, a badge will appear on their avatar to recognize and honor their contributions to the community.

  • Attach medals to contributors
  • Grateful to those who have contributed
  • Create credibility for users and site

Earn Money.

You can establish service fees and transaction fees for every payment made by donors to campaigns. Additionally, a percentage will be deducted when campaign owners withdraw their funds.



Set percent of commission fee for commercial fundraising campaigns and make money.



Place ads from Google Adsense on your website and monetize visits and clicks.

Search Suggestion

As you type your query into the search box, you’ll instantly see search results. You can also filter these results with a single click using a variety of search filter options.

  • Sort by category
  • Supporters highlight
  • Get search result instantly

Social Login

Integrated Facebook and Google sign-in options, allowing users to log in quickly with just one click using their social accounts. This enhances the user experience and encourages new users to engage more easily.

  • Login via Facebook
  • Sign in by Google
  • Twitter integrated

Toast Notification

We display notifications that remind users to confirm their email, fill in any missing profile information, and set a new password if they created their account with a random one.

  • Email verification remind
  • Incomplete profile remind
  • Set a new password remind

Vote & Citation.

The voting and citation feature lets anyone submit an article to express agreement or disagreement with the petition. We calculate the ‘fact score’ of the petition based on the number of citations that support or oppose it.

  • Submit article link
  • Vote agree or disagree
  • Fact score statistics

Email Marketing Intergrated.

Bravo is seamlessly connected with Campoal. When a campaign starts, a mailing list is generated on Bravo, and when supporters sign the petition, their email addresses are added to that list.

Whenever a new campaign update is added, an email campaign is automatically set up on Bravo. It includes the update’s content and is linked to specific email lists. You can choose to send these email campaigns right away or schedule them for later.

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Bravo offers cloud-based digital marketing tools enable sending email marketing automation.

Modern Comment

The comment system was custom-built using Ajax instead of relying on the default WordPress comment system. This means your comments appear instantly as you hit ‘enter,’ without the frustration of waiting for a page to reload.

  • Reply instantly
  • Human time format
  • Like or unlike comment

Bitly URL Shorten

Whenever you publish a campaign, a shorter URL will be created automatically through your Bitly account, using the settings you’ve configured in Campoal Options. If you wish, you can customize the domain name for your shortened links on Bitly’s dashboard, like ‘’ for instance.

  • Automate URL shorting
  • Set custom shorten domain
  • Get link’s analytics from Bitly


Campoal is connected with Polylang, which means you can effortlessly make a bilingual or multilingual WordPress site. You can also use the GTranslate plugin, which lets users convert content into their preferred language using Google Translate, saving you the trouble of manual translation.

Additionally, our Multi-Country feature enables supporters to easily filter petitions in their country, displaying campaigns in their language based on the campaign location.

  • Integrated with Polylang
  • Google Translate support
  • Multi-Country selection

2-Factor Authentication

2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is an added security measure to safeguard user accounts in case passwords are compromised. It ensures that individuals attempting to access an online account are indeed who they claim to be.

Campoal integrates seamlessly with widely-used applications like Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, Okta, and more, making it simple for users to enable 2FA and provide comprehensive protection for their accounts.

  • Works with Authenticator apps
  • One-time code via email
  • Generate backup codes

Create your Shop

Campoal connects smoothly with WooCommerce, which is a highly popular eCommerce plugin. This integration makes it simple for you to set up your online store effortlessly. You can easily customize your shop catalog and product pages using additional theme features.

  • WooCommerce integrated
  • Sell your own products and gift
  • Made a profit from your fans

Drag & Drop Builder.

Campoal offers more than 30 custom Gutenberg blocks and a Gutentor Library to help you quickly design your pages in just a few minutes. These come with plenty of handy add-ons and shortcodes to make your page creation a breeze.


Markdown Editor

Campoal supports Markdown editor, which is a tool that helps web writers convert text into HTML. With Markdown, you can write content in a simple and readable plain text format, and then it automatically transforms it into properly structured HTML.

  • Easy writing experiance
  • Full screen editor mode
  • Autosaving content
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Translation Ready

Our theme comes with a .pot file that makes it simple for you to translate it into your own language. You can use tools like POEdit or the Loco Translate plugin to do this effortlessly.

  • Popular language files included
  • Easy to translate theme by Poedit
  • Translate quickly by Loco Translate plugin

Mobile Friendly Design.

Designing for mobile devices first, all our pages are optimized to appear fantastic on smaller screens. This includes features like a collapsible menu, a convenient petition sign-up sidebar, and various other enhancements tailored for mobile users.

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Mobile Design

Optimized user interface for easy use on any mobile devices.

Learn More

Responsive Design.


Campoal’s responsive design utilizes HTML and CSS to automatically adjust the website’s size and layout, ensuring it appears well on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and phones. This means it adapts to different screens to look great everywhere.


What can I do with Campoal?


Build a petition platform to help people speak up about their problems.

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Build a website where everyone can donate to help the victims and solve problems.

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Create a website to connect your nonprofit with people around the world.

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Build to Scale.

We’re build the product to scale.
Campoal is used by Pollinis the largest environment petition campaign in France. Live websites is handling millions of page views monthly are powered by Campoal. 


Advanced Features.

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Pricing Plan.

The Powerful solution without hight costs and No Annual Subscription.

Choose plan

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  • Life-time Updates
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  • Basic Payment Gateways
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4.9 out of 5 stars from 20 customer reviews.

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More than 200 websites running around the world.


More than 15 million page views monthly of the largest project.

Customer’s reviews.

The developer of this theme has made the best petition theme that exists and this one is really great for putting things in place more than this one.

It’s updated very regularly with new features so if you are planning to change the world or your country this theme is for you! Thanks again to Long Ha.

It is hard to find a WP theme that would perfectly meet all the needs client has. I found Campoal very well customized and coded theme for a petition platform.

This is a great theme with lots of different page design options. Campoal team has been very helpful and quick to answer questions and fix small issues.

I rate Campoal 5 stars for its quality design, customization, code quality and provided support.

By the way, props to your wonderful effort on letting people across the globe feel easier to have their own petition platform!

I’ve purchased the theme and appreciate the excellent install walkthough documentation. The site was easily set up with demo data in less than an hour.

This platform is very nice and work very good. I am using this platform without problem. There were som small problem, but supporter solved it fast.

The theme is almost perfect, it has some bugs but it works almost 99%. But slowly and time-consuming support.

Very Nice. Though its for very limited users but still very very nice theme.

Great theme and fast, very helpful support!

It is a fine theme. Can be improved with extra features. Seems clean and has a profesional approach.


Frequently asked question:


How long do I get theme update?

When you purchased our theme, you will get lifetime update for future theme features improvement and for the future design improvements.


How do I get support?

You can find the tutorials in our documentation. If you still can’t found the solution for your problem, please contact us via Support Desk.


What is included in my purchase?

Your purchase includes all demos, source files, lifetime updates, and customer support for 1 year. This is one time fee no monthly or annual subscription is needed.


Is there any paid plugins needed?

No! Everything from the functionality we announced through the description of the Campoal product enters the final price of the product. There are no additional payments for the smooth running of the Campoal theme.


Can I use theme for my clients?

Absolutely! One of our goals we have set is for every developer, designer, agency or freelancer to think of a Campoal theme when they think of satisfying their client’s desire and demand for a petition platform or single petition website. 


Can you help me to install the theme on my website?

Yes if you don’t know how to install the theme, after purchase you can request to our team to install the theme for you by opening a ticket on our Support Desk and providing your WordPress login.

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