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POLLINIS: Taking Action to Save Bees and Pollinators

Paris, French
POLLINIS is an independent NGO dedicated to stopping the extinction of bees and other pollinators, which are crucial for biodiversity.

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POLLINIS is an independent NGO dedicated to stopping the extinction of bees and other pollinators, which are crucial for biodiversity. As a non-profit organization, POLLINIS relies solely on donations from citizens to exert pressure on public authorities and advocate for urgent restoration of a pollinator-friendly environment. The organization also initiates field projects to contribute directly to the restoration efforts. A key component of their mission is transitioning to an agricultural model that eliminates pesticides and other synthetic chemicals that harm ecosystems.

Built on the commitment and support of citizens, POLLINIS bases its conservation and policy transformation actions on the scientific consensus that insects worldwide, including vital pollinators, are disappearing at an alarming rate. With a community of over one million citizens across Europe, POLLINIS works tirelessly to raise awareness and take concrete steps to address this crisis.

Absolute Independence

POLLINIS firmly rejects donations or subsidies from public or private entities representing political or economic interests that could compromise its actions. By relying exclusively on citizen donations, POLLINIS maintains complete freedom of action and speech.

Total Transparency

POLLINIS upholds ethical standards by never exchanging or commercializing personal data. The organization handles data collected from petitions and donation forms in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To ensure complete transparency, POLLINIS has its accounts certified by an independent auditor and is recognized as “Don en confiance” (Donation in Confidence), indicating adherence to the principles of donor respect, transparency, effectiveness, integrity, and disinterestedness.

Citizens at the Core of the Debate

POLLINIS believes that citizens play a primary role in the preservation of pollinators and the issues affecting agriculture. Citizens indirectly finance the support provided to the agricultural sector, consume the food produced, and live in landscapes shaped by agriculture. As advocates for citizens, POLLINIS presents petitions to elected officials and institutions, empowering citizens to participate in crucial discussions. The legitimacy conferred by citizens’ support allows POLLINIS to propose pragmatic reforms and actively engage in legislative processes in Paris and Brussels, championing the public interest over private interests of lobbying groups, corporations, and professional unions.

The Story of an Engaged Association

In 2012, a small group of dedicated volunteers, concerned about the negative impacts of conventional agriculture, established the Conservatoire des fermes et de la nature (CFN). The association initially focused on the disappearance of bees and wild pollinators, launching the long-term project called POLLINIS, which aimed to create a network of conservatories for black bees throughout France.

Simultaneously, POLLINIS campaigned for a total ban on neonicotinoid pesticides, known to be highly toxic to bees, and the revision of pesticide evaluation procedures at the European level. Their video petition titled “Abeilles, le massacre autorisé” (“Bees, the Authorized Massacre”) garnered significant attention, reaching over one and a half million viewers online, with 480,000 signatories in just a few months (over a million since June 2015). In 2014, the association adopted the name POLLINIS to better reflect its core mission of pollinator defense.

What We Do

Our Fight: Halting the Decline of Pollinators
Scientists worldwide express alarm as insects, including crucial pollinators, vanish at an alarming rate, posing catastrophic consequences for the entire ecosystem. POLLINIS takes action in France and across Europe to:

  • Advocate for the complete ban of pesticides harmful to pollinators.
  • Accelerate the transition to environmentally friendly and biodiversity-conscious agriculture.
  • Study, raise awareness, and protect the diverse range of wild pollinators and local honeybees.
  • Restore a rich and healthy environment for wild pollinators.
  • Preserve local honeybees in their natural habitats, where they have evolved over millennia.
  • Prevent the release of genetically modified insects capable of irreversibly disrupting ecosystems.

Our Methods

POLLINIS supports independent scientific research and engages top biologists and entomologists to expand knowledge about pollinators, their adaptation abilities, species diversity, population status, and distribution. The association funds field studies to enhance scientific understanding of the real effects of pesticides on pollinators and the environment.


POLLINIS intervenes on the ground to safeguard and restore habitats favorable to pollinators. It supports the work of local bee conservatories, financing the multiplication of colonies adapted to local floral resources and geo-climatic conditions, closely adhering to their natural way of life. With the help of supporters, POLLINIS also contributes to the reconstruction of agro-ecological landscapes by promoting the cultivation of local and ancient plant varieties and planting networks of hedges that provide habitat and essential food resources for pollinators.

Informing and Mobilizing

Through mobilization campaigns, thematic newsletters, quarterly bulletins, its website, articles, and social media alerts, POLLINIS disseminates crucial information about the diversity and vital importance of pollinators, the threats they face, and the actions we must collectively take to protect them and halt their extinction.


POLLINIS fights for the complete ban of bee-killing pesticides in France and Europe, advocates for reforms in pesticide approval systems to prevent dangerous substances from circulating in European countries, and pushes for a rapid transition to agro-ecological practices that allow farmers to eliminate synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. With its team’s expertise and rigorous work, POLLINIS is able to influence the balance against agrochemical and other agribusiness lobbies. The association now participates in working groups, engaging decision-makers at the highest level of institutions.

Campoal: Empowering Petitions for Change

To further its mission and engage citizens, POLLINIS has partnered with Campoal, a leading platform for building dynamic and impactful petition pages. Campoal provides POLLINIS with the necessary tools to create compelling online petitions, enabling citizens to make their voices heard and participate actively in the fight to save pollinators. With Campoal’s user-friendly interface and customizable features, POLLINIS can mobilize and expand its community of engaged citizens, advocating for crucial reforms and legislative changes to protect pollinators and the environment.

By supporting POLLINIS, citizens can contribute directly to the organization’s efforts and help make a tangible difference in preserving pollinators and the biodiversity they support. Together, we can build a more sustainable future for generations to come.