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General Questions.

Gather some frequently asked questions from customers.


How long do I have support access?

If you purchase a lifetime plan, you will have access to support and updates as long as the products exist on the market. Other plans include 1 year support.


How long do I get product update?

When you purchased our product, you will get lifetime update for future theme features improvement and for the future design improvements.


How to download the product?

To download the product purchased, you have to first login to the themeum site. Then go to My Account > Download. There you can find a download section.


Is there any paid plugins needed?

No! Everything from the functionality we announced through the description of the product enters the final price of the product. There are no additional payments for the smooth running.


Can you help me to install the product?

Yes if you don’t know how to install the theme, after purchase you can request to our team to install the theme for you by opening a ticket on our Support Desk and providing your WordPress login.


What is the refund policy?

We have a customer friendly 14-day* refund policy. But you can not ask for a refund claiming a feature that your purchased theme or plugin doesn’t include. Read our refund policy


You can find the tutorials in our documentation. If you still can’t found the solution for your problem, please contact us via Support Desk.
When you purchased our theme, you will get lifetime update for future theme features improvement and for the future design improvements.
Regardless of you have a paid product or free product, you must use the contact form to communicate with us for all kinds of issues, questions and instructions. You can also post on Community forums or our Facebook groups.
Your purchase includes all demos, source files, lifetime updates, and customer support for 1 year from the purchase date. This is one time fee no monthly or annual subscription is needed.
Absolutely! One of our goals we have set is for every developer, designer, agency or freelancer to think of a Campoal theme when they think of satisfying their client’s desire and demand for a petition platform or single petition website. 
Yes, all of our paid themes support RTL.
To buy the product, click the product you want to buy on the top menu. Refer to product information carefully, demo test. After you have understood the product and decided to buy, click the Buy Now button on the introduction page or scroll to the Pricing Plan section, select a Plan and click the Buy Now button.

You will be directed to the checkout page, where enter your purchase information, choose a payment method including credit cards processed by Stripe or Paypal and click Place Order.

Once the payment is processed and successfully confirmed, a confirmation email will be sent to your email containing the order details, a download link and an invoice attached. You can also review your orders from My Account> Orders.
We do not have the resources to help you with customizations at this moment. You may hire a developer from a marketplace and we can help with information to get started.
Yes, you can find more details on the Affiliate Information Page.
We accept PayPal, Stripe, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.


To get your license key, please login to your account and go to My Account > License Key. Here lists your license key for the product you have purchased.
If you did not purchase the product from our website, please send the invoice from the website you purchased to our email at [email protected], then create an account on with the email you used to send us.

We’ll create a license for you as soon as possible after validating the invoice.
To activate the license key, go to your website dashboard and go to Settings > Conikal License here enter the license key you got from My Account > License and click activate.
The license is limited by the number of websites you use. We will check your license once a month to make sure you are not cheating on our license.
Yes, you can use for multiple domains until you have purchased a sufficient number of licenses for the domain names you use.
Go to My Account > License keys and click Deactivate to make room for your new domain name.
Go to My Account> License keys and click on Deactivate button to deactivate on the website you are using.
All of our license keys are valid for a lifetime. No need to worry about paying a subscription to renew your license.
To get more license key please purchase the product for which you need more key again.
The license key after activation has an Activated status.


Yes, you can. But we recommend you not to share your live website’s password with anybody. You can share password of your demo website.
If you purchase any of our products, you need to download that product to use. To download the product purchased, you have to first login to the themeum site. Then go to My Account > Download. There you can find a download section. If you face any problem, please feel free to contact our support team.
If you purchase a lifetime plan, you will have access to support and updates as long as the products exist on the market. Other plans include 1 year update and support. It is calculated from the day of purchase.
In case you forgot your password, click Forget Password below the login form and enter your email. An email to confirm your password change will be sent to your email.

If you’re already signed in and want to change your password, go to My Account > Account Detail. In the Password change section, enter your old password and new password and save it.
If you are a business and need an invoice for tax purposes. Go to My Account > Order and click the Invoice link in the Actions column. An invoice is also attached in the order confirmation email when your purchase is successful.
To change your avatar, go to My Account > Account Details and click Change profile picture button then upload your picture.
Avatar is also associated with Gravatar, you can change your avatar from the website with an email that matches the email registered at our website.
To change your display name, go to My Account > Account Details and enter your new name in the Display Name field and click change save changes.
To change your display name, go to My Account > Account Details and enter your new email in the Email Address field and click change save changes.


We know security and privacy are important to you – and they are important to us, too. We make it a priority to provide strong security and give you confidence that your information is safe and accessible when you need it.
Your payment processing is handled by our third-party partners Stripe, Paypal and Coinbase. We do not directly process and store your payment information. So your payment information is protected at the highest level.
Yes, you can submit an account deletion request by clicking the Privacy button on our support page.
Cookie consent is the term for when users give their consent to letting a website activate its cookies and trackers that process personal data. Cookie consent is a required legal basis under the GDPR for websites to have in order to be able to collect, process or share the personal data of individuals inside the EU.


You can write reviews on your website, social media and use your referral link to send traffic to our website. If the visitor purchases anything from us, you get 30% commission from the first order value.

We encourage you to post video reviews as well.
No, our affiliate policy does not allow our affiliates to offer coupons or coupon sites to signup for our affiliate program.
We try to approve the affiliate signups as soon as we receive them. Usually, we approve within 24 hours. If you signup during weekends and government holidays, the approval might get delayed 50 hours max.
You may have a website where you write about WordPress plugins, themes or post tips and tricks about web development and use our banner images to promote our products. You can write reviews of our products. Or you can compare our product with the competitors. Or you can post an instructional video on Youtube and use the link on description. You can tweet about our product and share our blog posts using your affiliate ID with the link. There are thousands of ways to promote a product on the internet. Some of our users even promote our products offline! Like in magazines, brochures and x-banners on events. 


We offer 30% commission on the first order. That means the customer might buy one product on the first order or multiple products. You get 30% commission on the total order amount. Like the customer added 3 products totaling 150 US Dollars. So you get 45 US Dollars as commission for that order.
We do not have any minimum or maximum payment threshold. Your commission might be as little as 15 USD and we will send it to your PayPal account as long as it is older than 30 days.
Any commission amount needs to be older than 30 days to avoid fraud transactions and chargebacks. So if the order is more than 30 days old, we will send the commission directly to your PayPal email on the 15th day of every month automatically. No need to make any manual request.
We wait 30 days to be sure the payment we got for the order is legit and also the customer has the chance to ask for a refund or file a dispute. So, for example, if you made a commission on the 4th day of the month, it does not qualify to be available for withdrawal on the 15th day. Because it does not fulfill the 30 day rule. So, you will get that commission on the next month.
No. One customer can use affiliate referrals only once and only in case the user is not registered on our site. Even if you use a separate email address, we can identify from billing details. We also use fraud detection systems inside WooCommerce and payment statements. So, we can identify fraud referrals and payments automatically.
No, you can get paid only once when the customer orders for the first time.
Whenever a visitor comes to our site using your link, we set a cookie for 90 days. If they do not clear the cookie and order from the same device, you get paid for the affiliate referral.

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