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How Campoal commission work and how customize?

The commission is a service fee set by platform owner, they can set by percent value on Dashboard > Campoal > Fundraising. When a donation is made for platform owner, the fee will be reduce amount the campaign owner can be receice. Campaign owner can submit Withdraw requestion for platform owner get their money any…

Petition Signatures (supporters) via REST API

Hi, To get signature, you need add custom endpoint ( with callback function inside file campoal/inc/supporter_donor.php You should copy function conikal_supporters_list, conikal_donors_list to children theme without function_exist and remove line: check_ajax_referer(‘supporters_list_ajax_nonce’, ‘security’);

Edit Sign Successfully Page

I copied wp-content/themes/campoal/sign-successful.php to wp-content/themes/campoal-child/sign-successful.php for template override! Then one can modify sign-successful.php in order to erase facebook share part, social buttons etc.. I tested it, works! There is a similar php-script in wp-content/themes/campoal/templates/sign-share/sign-successful-modal.php which maybe must be adapted too for modal views. I hope Long Ha can give us a hint in which cases…