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Unter Settings – General Settings one can define a Site Title and a Tagline.

Under Appearance – Site Identiy – Site Title/Tagline one can check a box with “Display Site Title and Tagline“.

Obviously that option does only have influence on the corresponding html tags in the html source code. If you do NOT define any logo at Campoal – General – Logo, you will always see in the top left the Site-Identiy -> Site Title.

But how can I set it if I don’t want to have a logo on the top left of my page, but also no page title (only in html code for SEO)?

This question is also important because I have the impression that in several e-mails from Campoal the site title and/or logo is used.
Is it best not to define any logos and to make a defined site title invisible using css?

For which e-mails is it important that the site title or logo is defined?

Thanks and best regards

Long Ha Answered question November 17, 2020

You can edit the file /templates/header/app-header.php – home-header.php in children theme. But best way you should hide it by CSS to compatible with next upgrade.

Long Ha Answered question November 17, 2020

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