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In Europe, it is no longer sufficient for visitors to a website to receive a notice and be able to accept a cookie. EU regulations require that the visitor has the choice of explicitly rejecting technically unnecessary cookies. Technically necessary would be, for example, session cookies.


The Cookie Law Explained

At Campeo you can only accept cookies, but not refuse them (or am I wrong?).

How do you currently solve this problem?

Disabling the current cookie display in Campeo and install a third party plugin like de.wordpress.org/plugins/cookie-law-info?

Thank you and greetings

Conikal Answered question November 6, 2020

I known that, but you need balance between user experience and notice. User can click close button to reject cookie https://tppr.me/v01,

or you can add a button on cookie inform content to allow user reject.

All requirement listed is available, if need some expand function you can try some GDPR plugin.

Conikal Answered question November 6, 2020
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