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In which cases do you need Sendinblue?
Why does it depend on whether you have one or more petitions under Campoal?

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Long Ha Selected answer as best November 17, 2020

You will need SendinBlue in every case, but you if you only one petition on the site you can use other mail service.

Volker Posted new comment November 19, 2020


You probably mean this because you assume that you can simply email every registered WordPress user with a plugin. But unfortunately it is not that simple, because even with a single petition you can only provide news to those who agreed to it during registration. And exactly this information is not stored in the user table.

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It’s dependent on Sendinblue, this is option to create email campaign on SendinBlue. It’s doesn’t save on WordPress.

Long Ha Unselected an answer November 17, 2020

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