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How can one prevent from signing multiple times on a petition? In other words, how can we authenticate a signature?

Volker Answered question February 4, 2024

You can enable User Verify Email and Force Verify Email setting from Campoal > Email.

This setting will required user verify their email before add signature to petition. If new user sign a petition, it will save on pending signature list, until email verifed the signature will be add to petition from pending list.

The sign button also disabled if email still not verify.

Conikal Posted new comment August 22, 2021

What if the user does not have an email address, can you also confirm through SMS? Most users in Africa do not have email but will have a phone to get a text messages from.

We have plan to develop phone verify, it’ll ready soon after 2.0 version. But this way is not friendly, because you can spend huge of money for SMS sending.

and can’t do email marketing, send email update, etc…

Do you have a time frame for the next update? Also will be possible to make it possible to create custom fields without the use of third-party plugin as the options are limited. I want to add a custom field in the sign form it’s currently not possible with the advanced custom field plugin.

I doesn’t recommend add custom field to sign form. it’s a bad user experience and make confuse to visitor.

If you want collect more infomation. you add a survey form in Sign Success page by use some plugin or a link in Email Sign Success template.

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