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Hello Long Ha,

I hope you are well, tell me could you add a button to validate the double authentication code because it is impossible on the iphone to validate the code to access the account?

Thank you

Long Ha Answered question March 5, 2022

Please press on Enter on keyboard to submit the auth code. I’ll try to add a button blow this.

Kévin Posted new comment March 6, 2022

Thank you, can’t wait for this problem to be resolved, there is no enter button on the Iphone, so we can’t go to the next step

Capture : https://tppr.me/iMHAO

“Ok” button on keyboard https://tppr.me/HncFx

The new version is ready in next day.

Thank you I just upgraded to the latest version and I now find myself with a white screen… For the OK button it only closed the list but did not continue

Just have a bugs on new version. Please remove plugin folder and reinstall again from Appeance > Install Plugins

I just removed the Campoal plugin, the screen remains white.
I deleted the theme then reinstalled but it’s still the same the screen remains white

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