Top 10 best Alternatives for online petition 2021 Alternatives, is a great tool to start an online petition, but it still has limitations when you want to further expand and control your campaign. So below are the best alternatives to your online petition, including services and source code that allow you to set up a site similar to

1. Campoal Alternatives Alternatives

Campoal is a complete solution built on WordPress. It helps you build a platform that is similar to, allowing users to submit their petitions to their website and control their petitions. It also has a built-in fundraising and commission and withdrawal system and tons of other useful features that even doesn’t have.

Campoal is used by the largest social movement website in French and some other website in Brazil, Germany, Italy and more than 50 other country. According to the developer of campoal the live best websites is handling 14 millions of page views monthly are powered by Campoal.

Learn how to build online petition website, read this guide.

2. Alternatives

One other best Alternatives is Avaaz, a U.S.-based nonprofit organization launched in January 2007, promotes global activism on issues such as climate change, human rights, animal rights, corruption, poverty, and conflict. The UK-based newspaper The Guardian considers it “the globe’s largest and most powerful online activist network”.

Some question whether Avaaz’s focus on online petitions and email campaigns may encourage laziness, transforming potential activism into clicktivism. Malcolm Gladwell says that petition tools do not create “close-knit, disciplined and tenacious” networks of activists. In February 2012, Avaaz raised money for the evacuation of Paul Conroy from Syria, a mission that led to the deaths of 13 activists in Syria. A New Republic article accused Avaaz of making false claims about their own role in the evacuation. Jillian York has accused Avaaz of lack of transparency and arrogance. The Defensor Da Natureza‘s blog has accused Avaaz of taking credit for the success of the Ficha Limpa anti-corruption bill in Brazil, which Luis Nassif reposted.

3. Alternatives

iPeititon is an free online petition tools, their costs are covered by advertising and donations, so they are able to offer you these great tools totally free. There is secound Alternatives too.

iPetition offer the physical space to host your petition, and give you the tools to gather signatures, blog about your cause, and build a community around the issues that you care about. Their sophisticated tools have been tested on a number of online petitions, and offer a high degree of customization without requiring any programming or technical knowledge. You might find other petition sites out there. But none of them offers the full range of tools. Among other things, the tools allow you to:

  • Customize your question list
  • Customize the design of your petition
  • Download real-time data on your petition
  • Blog about your petition
  • Create filters to block out duplicate signatures
  • And much more…

4. Care2 Alternatives

Care2 is a social networking website that was founded by Randy Paynter in 1998. The goal of the site is to connect activists from around the world with other individuals, organizations and responsible businesses making an impact.

Care2 has been used throughout the years to combat, through petitions, political, environmental and civil rights issues. Recently, Care2 was used by Broadway theatre playwrights and actors to petition Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Care2 members create an online identity by filling out a profile with personal information, as in most social networking sites, but Care2 also asks for more information about its members’ personal lives and involvement in activism. The social interactions on Care2 revolve around groups that connect people who care about similar political and environmental issues. Members also often participate in internet petitions and news articles posted by others. Alternatives.

5. Alternatives

Cause was founded in 2007 and located in San Francisco, CA, Causes is a tech company that provides people with the platform and tools required to make the world a better place. Discover, support, and organize campaigns around the issues that impact you and your community.

All of the content on Causes is created by people like you who want to be a part of something bigger. You can create an account and start making meaningful connections with others that share the same passions. Discover, support, and organize campaigns that impact you and your community. Let your voice be heard and extend your reach by easily sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Alternatives.

6. MoveOn Alternatives

MoveOn (formerly known as is a progressive public policy advocacy group and political action committee.[2] Formed in 1998 in response to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton by the U.S. House of Representatives, has raised millions of dollars for liberal candidates in the United States of America.[2] It also runs a petition website similar to Alternatives.

7. SumOfUs Alternatives

SumOfUs is a global non-profit advocacy organization and online community that campaigns to hold corporations accountable on issues such as climate change, workers’ rights, discrimination, human rights, animal rights, corruption, and corporate power grab.

Australian-American activist Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman is the founder of SumOfUs and was its executive director from 2011 to 2016. In November 2016, Hannah Lownsbrough became the new executive director of SumOfUs.

SumOfUs uses digital technology to organize and communicate globally, connecting consumers, workers and investors from around the world. One of SumOfUs’ primary functions is to amplify other corporate accountability organizations’ campaigns by launching rapid-response campaigns. Alternatives.

8. RallyCall Alternatives is a platform that allows people to create petition campaigns that they want to take a “stand on” and then rally support of people with similar beliefs to gather support and momentum to inspire people to take action and create change. More to come in this section shortly… Alternatives.

9. Civist

Civist allow you create online-petitions directly in WordPress, raise funds and build strong supporter networks. To do so, you simply install a WordPress plugin and register with Civist in three simple steps. After that, you are ready to publish your first petition and find supporters for your cause.

With Civist, you manage your supporters directly in WordPress. Contacts are automatically saved in your mailing list manager. Simple!

Export your contacts and signatures as CSV-files for further processing. Alternatives.

10. Action Network

Action Network is an open platform that empowers individuals and groups to organize for progressive causes. We encourage responsible activism, and do not support using the platform to take unlawful or other improper action. We do not control or endorse the conduct of users and make no representations of any kind about them. Alternatives.

11. Givey

Givey is a social donation platform that makes it easy to give to the causes you care about. There are no set-up fees for users, charities or projects, and we charge 5% on top of donations for a transaction fee rather than deducting like most other donation sites.

Givey is the online donations platform serving the forgotten 95% of small charities, levelling the playing field and using the opportunity of mobile / social to reach new audiences. We highlight good news stories of people doing great work on the ground which is often £1 for £1 more effective and productive than large charities with huge overheads.

12. GoPetition

GoPetition – a leading international petition hosting portal – offers advanced global hosting services and unrivalled customer service. GoPetition has a multi-million membership base with over 80,000 petitions in more than 100 countries. The site has helped many campaigners achieve success stories and has developed an international presence with robust social networks.

The GoPetition site was launched in Sydney Australia in the year 2000 by five friends from Macquarie University who were talking about viral business ideas one night at a pub. The group came up with the idea of a petitioning site after seeing poker machines and excessive gambling in the pub venue. The idea was born to amplify the voices of concerned individuals and groups.

GoPetition has no political affiliations and welcomes speech from a variety of perspectives. Our aim is to provide access to quality software and tailored petition hosting services while encouraging valuable content. Our customer service goal is to maintain same-day service standards. All petitions at GoPetition are instantly available when uploaded.


Campoal - #1 Petition Platform WordPress Theme

Campoal is a perfect WordPress theme to create the petition platform with fundraising. Where anyone can be start a social movement, collect supporters and raise funds to change something in society.


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