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am I correct: Campoal theme does not need any further SendinBlue-Plugin?

For customers like me that never had to do with SendinBlue before: How can one test with Campoal if everything is running okay?

I did not find any further information in the documentation about SendinBlue except the authorization settings. But I wonder which data exactly would be transfered then to that Company?

Isn´t it possible at least to give a few hints what will happen when using Campoal with SendinBlue?

Thanks and kind regards

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Using with SendinBlue help you sync email contact and manage via SendinBlue dashboard. Create email campaign instead send email update by WordPress.

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Thanks, I understood that!

But I wanted to know if campoal does not need any further SendinBlue-PLUGIN for being able to use the SendinBlue-Features of Campoal?

There is an official Plugin for WordPress combining with SendinBlue:

Is there any need to install this plugin for using the SendinBlue-Features of Campoal?

Further question:

In which PHP-Files of Campoal are the necessary data transfered to SendinBlue-API?

Thanks a lot in advance

No, SendinBlue API integrated in Campoal. Don’t need install plugin.

PHP file located in campoal/inc/sendinblue.php

Thanks for that information!


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