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I want to know How I can edit the Sign Successfully page.

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I copied wp-content/themes/campoal/sign-successful.php

for template override!

Then one can modify sign-successful.php in order to erase facebook share part, social buttons etc.. I tested it, works!

There is a similar php-script in

which maybe must be adapted too for modal views.
I hope Long Ha can give us a hint in which cases sign-successful-modal.php
plays a role.

Kind regards

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Greate answer! Thanks Volker!

Sign successlly page doesn’t support builder, You only can edit this page via children theme.



this seems to be a good question, because I didn’t find a way to set in the backend whether “Share on Facebook” and social buttons should be active or not when the “Sign successfully” page is called. Currently I only see the possibility to adjust the Sign-Successfull window by modifying the PHP code (/sign-share) or a corresponding template override.

Let’s see if maybe Long Ha has a better recommendation.

Kind regards

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