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I want to know How I can edit the Sign Successfully page.

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Long Ha Selected answer as best November 15, 2020

I copied wp-content/themes/campoal/sign-successful.php

for template override!

Then one can modify sign-successful.php in order to erase facebook share part, social buttons etc.. I tested it, works!

There is a similar php-script in

which maybe must be adapted too for modal views.
I hope Long Ha can give us a hint in which cases sign-successful-modal.php
plays a role.

Kind regards

Long Ha Selected answer as best November 15, 2020

Greate answer! Thanks Volker!

Sign successlly page doesn’t support builder, You only can edit this page via children theme.



this seems to be a good question, because I didn’t find a way to set in the backend whether “Share on Facebook” and social buttons should be active or not when the “Sign successfully” page is called. Currently I only see the possibility to adjust the Sign-Successfull window by modifying the PHP code (/sign-share) or a corresponding template override.

Let’s see if maybe Long Ha has a better recommendation.

Kind regards

Volker Answered question November 15, 2020

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