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Under DESIGN -> Menus you cannot directly select a specific petition and link it to a menu item. In Joomla probably a menu type link “Direct Petition” or similar would be offered here for a Petiiton extension.

So I wonder, how for example on Campoal.com
the menu link

was created for the menu item PAGES -> “Single Page”?

Under DESIGN-Menues Add Menue item “Single Page” obviously does not appear at all.

Did you link

via “individual links” in the menu under PAGES?

Thanks in advance

Long Ha Answered question November 10, 2020

On Appearance > Menu, click on Screen Option position on top right of your screen. Then check to Petitions checkbox https://tppr.me/SGcW7

Now you can Search petition and add to menu on Add menu items section https://tppr.me/KIsyl

You also add a custom link to done that https://tppr.me/vBMgS

Long Ha Posted new comment November 10, 2020

I had not seen the option “ScreenOptions” at all!
Thanks a lot, that was exactly what I was looking for!

Kind regards

It’s display below your profile name https://tppr.me/ecqvK

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