Top 10 best API Coronavirus tracking 2024

API Coronavirus tracking for retrieving data and building your application and website to help people track disease information.

COVID-19 (2019 novel Coronavirus) is a current epidemic as of today. Developers around the world are building applications for the public to get up-to-date and accurate information as quickly as possible.


API Coronavirus tracking for Current cases and more stuff about COVID-19 or the Novel Coronavirus Strain

NovelCovid/API Documentation can be found here



  1. Download redis from
  2. Start redis server using redis-server


  1. Fork and clone git repository
  2. In root project folder, create a new file called config.json
  3. Copy contents for config.example.json to new config.json file
  4. Replace password field with "" and port field to whatever localhost port you want.
  5. From root of project, run npm start
  6. In your browser, go to localhost:{port} to test your local changes

2. ExpDev07/coronavirus-tracker-api

A simple and fast (< 200ms) API Coronavirus tracking the global coronavirus (COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2) outbreak. It’s written in python using the 🔥 FastAPI framework. Supports multiple sources!

Provides up-to-date data about Coronavirus outbreak. Includes numbers about confirmed cases, deaths and recovered. Support multiple data-sources.


Currently 3 different data-sources are available to retrieve the data:

jhu data-source will be used as a default source if you don’t specify a source parameter in your request.

All endpoints are located at and are accessible via https. For instance: you can get data per location by using this URL:

You can open the URL in your browser to further inspect the response. Or you can make this curl call in your terminal to see the prettified response:

curl | json_pp


Consume our API through our super awesome and interactive SwaggerUI (on mobile, use the mobile friendly ReDocs instead for the best experience).

The OpenAPI json definition can be downloaded at

3. mathdroid/covid-19-api

COVID-19 API Coronavirus tracking global data (from JHU CSSE for now) as-a-service



  1. Clonegit clone –depth=1
  2. Install deps (yarnnpm install)
  3. Install and register to ZEIT Now if you haven’t. This project is exclusively made for the platform.
  4. now dev to run a local dev deployment, now to publish.

4. Laeyoung/COVID-19-API

API Coronavirus tracking service for COVID-19. This repository provides API Service for tracking the Coronavirus(COVID-19) using Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Caseslink, provided by JHU CSSE.


5. rlindskog/covid19-graphql

API Coronavirus tracking data is pulled directly from, which is a JSON representation of All data is up to date.


Projects using this API

  • I am Covid -19 🦠 (repo) – Visualization of the covid-19 dataset using Nuxtjs(vuejs), Graphql and valuable information about geeting through the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • covid19-bot (repo) – Chat bot for showing information about the Covid-19 pandemic.

6. pastelsky/covid-19-mobility-tracker

Google Mobility Reports show aggregate activity in each country, and how it changes in response to policies aimed at combating COVID-19. However, it is only published as a PDF and the data isn’t available in a machine-readable format that could enable more richer analysis.


API Coronavirus tracking


Country-level data

Country level JSON is available for use at –<ISO-COUNTRY-CODE>/mobility.json

For eg India

US State-level data

US state level JSON is available at –<US-STATE-CODE>/mobility.json

For eg: New York

Accessing data as CSV

If you prefer to use CSVs instead, you can go to –<ISO-COUNTRY-CODE>/mobility-<social-place>.csv

Where social place is one of parks | residential | retail-and-recreation | transit-stations | workplaces | grocery-and-pharmacy

For eg. parks data for India in CSV –

For US states, just add the state code after the country code.

Data structure

Each data element consists of date and value (which represents mobility change in percentage)


  • Expected error range is ±2%, though errors in activity percentanges should be rare given the methodolgy used to extract data.
  • As of now, this only indexes country-level data and US state level data. State / Province level breakup for other countries is yet to be added.
  • Data sources will be updated once / day and is incumbent upon google publishing updated reports
  • It assumes that the same scale (-80% to +80%) is used in all PDFs and they are structured similarly.

7. COVID19Tracking/covid-tracking-api

The API Coronavirus tracking Project obtains, organizes, and publishes high-quality data required to understand and respond to the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States. We will do this work until official national sources take over and publish comprehensive testing and outcomes data.

In early March, two journalists at The AtlanticRobinson Meyer and Alexis Madrigal, built a tracker for their COVID-19 testing investigation. Separately, Jeff Hammerbacher, Founder and General Partner at Related Sciences, built a tracking spreadsheet. The two efforts came together March 7, and made a call for volunteers, and the COVID Tracking Project was born.



The default response is JSON. If you’d like CSV just append .csv at the end of the url. For example

If you want to filter the /api/us/daily you can add a query param like ?state=NY to only show cases in New York. Or ?state=NY&date=20200316 to show the result of a specific date.

8. ChrisMichaelPerezSantiago/covid19

This API Coronavirus tracking provides updated real-time data on coronavirus cases from the worldometers page and other important websites, provided by the most reputable organizations and statistical offices in the world.


The Documentation to start using can found here:

9. bumbeishvili/covid19-daily-data

API Coronavirus tracking by country level daily cases, deaths, recovered and testing counts. Data will just come from Worldometers and it will be updated daily


Apps using this data

sorted for easy accessibility

Web Apps

  1. – The most complete covid-19 live dashboard with predictions
  2. covid-2019 stats – Covid-19 Stats js notebook
  3. covid-dashboard


  1. covid – Outbreak controlling status in the world

10. andreagrandi/covid-api

COVID19 API Coronavirus tracking based on Johns Hopkins CSSE data (more data sources are coming).

The intent of this project is to create an API which will make easier to access the COVID19 reports provided by the Johns Hopkins CSSE and other data sources available. Using this API researchers can concentrate their efforts on data analysis while we take care of retriving the data, cleaning it and keeping the database always updated.


Development Setup

Postgres database

You will need a postgres database to run the application. If you have docker installed, then you can create a database by running

docker-compose up db

This creates an empty database called covidapi, and a user called covidapi with password dummypassword.

Running the app through docker

If you run docker-compose up instead of docker-compose up db, the whole app will be run inside docker as well.

The first time you do this you will need to run docker-compose exec app python /covidapi/covidapi/ to import the data.

Running the app directly

To run the app directly you will need python 3.7 or later.

Create a virtualenv, activate it, and then install the dependencies:

python -m venv env
source ./env/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

To import the data, run

python covidapi/

Then you can run the app with:

uvicorn --reload

Viewing the API

The API will be served at http://localhost:8000/

The API docs are served at http://localhost:8000/docs


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